Ultracongelados Rosario S.A. produces from it's base in Argentina high quality frozen bakery for export to the world.

We combine our tried and tested and traditional recipes ,which we have been baking since 1936, with the latest and most sophisticated technology: the ultrafreezing of our line of products.

In 1995 we were the first company in Argentina to make frozen fermented bakery products. This allowed us to mantain our traditional high quality using our original recipes but without adding any preservaties. Ultracongelados Rosario S.A., produces and sells it's wide range of products through it's registered trademark Hornett.

The company ir under the direction of entrepenuers whose future plans include acontinuance of the expansión and investigation which has been our trademark in the last few years. In Ultracongelados Rosario S.A., we follow the same path which our founders laid out more than 70 years ago when they emigrated to Argentina from Europe with the desire to make their dreams come true.

Today the company makes and sells it’s line of products all over the country and export’s it to America and Europe. Ultracongelados Rosario S.A., produces a wide range of bakery products incorporating its ultrafreezing producers. The original proven recipes combines strict quality controls and the best ingredients to assure the exquisite taste that is then reproduced in different outlets to the public where the baking process is finally finished giving it a fresh and original taste. Given it’s privileged position in Argentina’s fertile heartland we are able to count with some of the best raw materials in the world: high quality flour and the best dairy products amongst others. The company has made it’s quality its trademark and this is can be seen in its products.

In 2002 Miguel Angel lagrutta, the company's president, was chosen by ENDEAVOR( This is an international foundation which promotes new ventures into emerging markets. Our president Miguel Angel Lagrutta was selected as one of the entrepeneurs of the year due to his ability to give the company consistent growth, creating new jobs and opening the possibility of exportation.